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The control panel has broken. 

I'm landing on a unknown planet. 

There's no human or animal on it. 

Strange marks everywhere. 

Wreckage shows there had some kind of technology. 

Hope I can find some useful parts to fix my ship. 


Dev Tools 
Flash, AS3, Photoshop, Bosca Ceoil. 

Solo work in 72 hours. 

I swear this is my last time using Flash. 

Hope you like the game, and thank you for reading my poor english. 

Passcode : elephants never forget 

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Revisiting this game, I still can't figure out the computer.  There are plenty of plausible messages that can be copied and subtly modified from the poster on the far right, some exactly 24 characters long, but nothing that I've tried has worked.  As far as I can gather, the input is meant to be general commentary on the setting of the game: a ruined planet Earth devoid of life.  Alas, the English language is too flexible to guess the right wording!

Or perhaps the real twist is that you didn't code an ending, leaving us instead to ponder the last lamentations of a wizened digital elephant.

The passcode is "elephants never forget"

I just donno why I can't clear the fridge )":...

So, this turned out to be a pretty neat puzzle game that I actually really enjoyed! Chill, interesting and fun, I wish there was more to it! I didn't finish the game in this video, but it served as my thumbnail, so that's cool. Gameplay from 13:11 to 19:58


I'm so confused because I'm sure that I'm supposed to take the symbols from the engine and put them in the computer, but I'm not sure if I'm on a Red Herring or if I'm just entering it in wrong.

The connection goes in the other direction.  Take a close look at the computer's keyboard, and you'll notice the symbols are more familiar than they might at first seem.  Then try to read the symbols on the engine.

I suspect the message on the pole to the far right of the map has something to do with solving the computer, but it's not actually possible to enter it in verbatim (it's both too long and contains a symbol not on the keyboard).